As part of the real estate inspection, the so-called Real Estate Inspection, we operate mainly in Prague, Central Bohemia, Pilsen and West Bohemia and Brno respectively.

Well, obviously you can do it, to a certain extent. But the do- it-yourself solution is not always the best one, in particular when it comes to your money and a type of property which you may use for the whole life or pass to your children as inheritance.

Last but not least,  not everybody has the needed knowledge about construction and real estate or is not willing to spend plenty of time by seeking the best financing tools or selecting and checking the construction company. Another issue is that it is only a few people who have access to non-public offers.

It’s simple. In the long term, properties are one of the most stable investments and, at the same time, something tangible in your hand.

Another important fact is the “double profit”: You get a regular source of income plus see the value of your property grow.

Great stuff, isn’t it!

No, you don’t. Ideally, you should have at least 20% of the price of the property. All the rest will be our business. If you are not sure about the possibilities of buying a profitable property don’t hesitate to send us an email.

It depends on your priorities. Are you interested in a lucrative profit? Do you prefer a property in Prague? Even though your budget is relatively low you still want to make some money.

Let us know; together we will surely invent an interesting project.

In general, we concentrate on apartments and apartment houses below market price offering an interesting growth potential in Prague, Brno and Plzen.

Of course, you can. We don’t push you to do anything. It’s up to you to decide how many of our services you use. Naturally, we can only guarantee the quality of our services.

Of course, you can use only one or some of our services. Prices are set individually depending on the scope of services provided.

Yes, we will be pleased to help you with legal requirements, be it contracts or just consulting. Our lawyers are specialized in real estate and construction. Just contact us and write your request.

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