Independent consulting firm in the construction and real estate industries

Which is exactly us. We are here to help you not only acquire a property – whether as an investment or your own home – but also refurbish, finance or manage it.

Our strengths are: independent and always on your side.

  • Our services are perfectly inter-connected.
  • We play fair: we keep our promises.
  • Our team is composed of professionals in each discipline.
  • We focus on both housing units (flats) and apartment houses. 
Why to cooperate with us?

If you want to have certainty...

The number of reliable companies in the construction and real estate industries is still low.

We are here to negotiate for you the best terms and to deliver quality you as a client deserve.


We are on your side. We always pick the best. We are not subordinate to any entity.

Professional performance

We are not just a bunch of dubious real-estate brokers (as you can frequently see). Our team is made up of experts in each profession.


In all our services, we deliver the quality you deserve.


Do you need only part of our services? No problem. Just contact us.

Why we are here

Buying a property is for many people, the single largest transaction they will ever undertake. Some people pass a property over to the next generation. Having this in mind, we believed that there should always be someone who is on your side and handles the entire process.  

Our people have a long track of professional experience in their industries and a long list of happy clients behind. We believe that they are the best partner for you, too.

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Company executives

Civil Engineer

Certified Real Estate Appraiser

Technical supervisor

Jaroslav Holejšovský

Authorized Engineer in the field of Building Construction
Project manager

Matyáš Požár

Civil Engineer
Property Inspector

Jan Džugan

Civil Engineer
Financing specialist

Nikola Brejšová

More than 300 mortgage loans processed

10 years of experience

Property Inspector

Boris Stočes

Civil Engineer