Would you like to know the condition of a property?

Before buying a property, use our property inspection to learn about the condition of the property

It’s always good to know what you are buying in advance. When it comes to properties, this rule applies even more regardless of the age of the property. Use our property inspection service that can reveal hidden technical flaws to avoid problems in the future.

We are professionals in quality housing and investment property.

Let us reveal hidden flaws before buying a property to save plenty of your money.

Why to use property inspection services?

  • to get an independent opinion from a construction expert
  • to ensure that your invested money will not be wasted
  • to get an unbiased document to negotiate a lower price
  • to know that the property you are taking over has no flaws or deficiencies
  • since property inspection costs you far less than a bad purchase
  • to avoid problems resulting in your later complaints and legal disputes
Have certainty

Are you planning to buy a property?

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New house (flat)


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Steps to work with us

1. Contact us

Call us or send us an email. Show us your property and tell us your requirements.

2. Cooperation starts

We will exchange documents, arrange an appointment and sign a contract.

3. Inspection

We will thoroughly check the condition of the property, be it an old or a new one.

4. Protocol and payment

You get a transparent protocol showing all gaps. Once you get this, you will pay.

To have a clue...

Property inspection price calculator

inspekce nemovitosti - odhalení vad

Our property inspector checks

actual area – we check all rooms

performance of client-requested changes – quality and completeness

supporting and other structures – cracks, defects, stability, general condition

basements – waterproofing, thermal insulation, overall quality

fillings of openings (windows, doors) – function, leaks, damaged window sills, risk of condensation, mechanical damage

sanitary fixtures and fittings – quality of toilets, shower, bathtub and sinks

floor covering – flatness (for laying wear layer), acoustic isolation, dilation, mechanical damage

surface finishing  (plaster, tiles and paving) – flatness, quality (incl. identification of poor quality), mechanical damage

roof – access, craftsmanship, risks of heat leaking, trusses, decking condition, insulation vapour barrier

water supply and sewerage – quality of all types of piping

heating – heating source incl. functionality, condition of heat distribution

electrical wiring – revision, cleanliness of cabinets, quality of installation, low-voltage installations

Reconstruction? No problem...

Would you like to maximise the price of your flat to sell? Or, would you like to make sure that the property you are going to buy meets your expectations?

We will be happy to help you with it.

Avoid troubles!

I am taking over a new apartment or house

Are you about to take over a house or flat from the developer? Our experience suggests that clients do not know what they should check and what rights they have. Rely on us, we will reveal all potential defects and have the developer fix the defects at its cost.

We are on your side – we will reveal each gap!

I want to buy an old property

We understand that to reveal all gaps of a property is not easy. Having this in mind, we are ready to help you. Don’t take premature steps. Use our property inspection to avoid problems in the future.

Get an unbiased document to negotiate a lower price!

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