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We will find you a tailor-made investment property.

We are experts in the searching and mediating of profitable property investment opportunities, in particular houses and apartments to let. We can help you reconstruct your property, find a suitable tenant or provide management of your property.

Leave your worries with us. Enjoy your rental income.

Why should I invest in properties?

  • in the long run, it’s one of the safest investments
  • two income resources: the actual value of your property + rental
  • rent increases over time, which means growing periodical income
  • can be used as security in old age or as inheritance to your children
  • you possess a tangible asset
  • People will always need a place to live in. In crises, investors tend to get rid of other assets such as shares etc.
  • you can exploit financial level – 20 % of your money can make you exploit 100% of the value of the property
No matter whether it is a house or flat

Types of properties we deal with.

Flats and apartments

Residential houses

Developer projects

It has never been easier...

The process of buying an investment property

1. Your wish

During a face-to-face meeting we will listen to your wishes or investment goals and discuss opportunities for cooperation.

2. Market research

Based on your requirements, we will find a lucrative investment opportunity for your property or a property to live in.

3. Real estate inspection

We will inspect the property and we can find shorcomings, check the contracts and ensure that the buying process goes smoothly.

4. Financing

We will provide favourable financing for the property of your dreams according to your needs. Simply and without worries.

5. Reconstruction

We will prepare all necessary project documentation, make sure that all deadlines, costs and quality parameters are met.

6. Property to let

We will identify a reliable tenant. We will test the tenant and prepare all contracts to help you profitably let your property.

Reconstruction? No problem

Would you like to maximise the price of your flat to sell? Or, would you like to make sure that the property you are going to buy meets your expectations?

We will be happy to help you with it.

Avoid troubles

Conflict of interests in real estate

Real estate brokers (agents) receive their reward in the form of commission depending on how much they sell.  This motivates them to sell a property at any cost. So why should they reveal any potential gaps of the property to the buyer? Remember, the broker is never on your side but on the side of the seller. Don’t get cheated by unfavourable offers and hidden defects!

We are on your side – we will reveal each gap.

Attentively watching the market

Each day, our people monitor the real estate market to identify the best opportunities. Speed is a crucial factor. Real estate agencies are limited due to their portfolios. We do not offer our real estate therefore we are able to offer you a property you wish.

Be the first to seize a lucrative investment opportunity!

Do you want to know the technical condition of the property?

Use our Property Inspection. Save yourself the hassle and unnecessary expenses associated with poor purchase.

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