Leave you worries with us...

Enjoy your rental income

We know that property management is not always a fun. To choose the right tenant, to have a bulletproof contract, to take care of the condition of the property, to check all payments and many more activities require plenty of your time and, on occasions, are pretty stressful. 

Our role is to help you maximise the profit from your property.

With us, renting of a property is a straightforward process. 

Property management with Jonas Jens

  • We will assess the value of your property to achieve the best price
  • We will find a reliable tenant.
  • We will organise visits to your property.
  • Looking into relevant registers, we will check the credibility of each potential tenant.
  • We will prepare complete contract documentation.
  • We will achieve higher occupancy = higher regular income.

You will receive everything at 10 % of the rent. Our failure to find a suitable tenant will not cost you a single penny.

It has never been easier...

Rent out without worries!

we will provide total management of your property

we will hand over your flat to a tenant

we will take care of contracts with utility suppliers

we will communicate with the tenants on your behalf

we will attend the meetings of the apartment owners association

we will check all monthly payments

we will fix all technical problems non-stop

each half year, we will check the condition of your apartment

we will check yearly service bills

we will take care of the insurance of your property

Avoid troubles

Rent dodging and damaging property

Are you afraid of rent dodgers and people damaging your property? We do understand your concerns. We know that these risks exist. Rely on us, we will eliminate them.

Get in touch with us to make sure that renting a property is not necessarily stress.  

No wasting of time

Time is a valuable asset; you know this. Instead of time-consuming seeking of reliable tenants, organising contracts and dealing with various troubles pertaining to tenants you can use your time more efficiently. With us you will not waste your time.  Come to see for yourself.

Do no longer waste your time; we will take care of everything.

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