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Reconstruction? No problem.

We will help you with the reconstruction of your property to raise its value for investing or to improve the quality of your life.

We provide professional consulting services on the purchase of a property by assessing the condition and extent of the needed reconstruction.

Are you an owner of a property having no clear idea of what to do with it? No problem, we will be pleased to help you.

All you have to do is to call us. We will do the rest.

Let us do the reconstruction

Reconstruction of your property is not necessarily an unpleasant task.

Believe us that we do the utmost to ensure the smooth progress of the reconstruction meeting your expectations. This applies to both a flat in which you live and a flat to let.


As to the reconstruction, we will:

  • design the technical solution
  • prepare project documentation
  • choose top-quality materials
  • select individuals and or organisation/s doing reconstruction
  • appoint an engineer to supervise the progress of the reconstruction
  • guarantee the meeting of all targets and deadlines
Rekonstrukce nemovitosti
With us, you will be up to date on what’s happening in each stage

Progress of reconstruction

1.Property inspection

2. Identification of size of reconstruction

3. Project processing

4. Financing

5. Execution inspection

Rekonstrukce bytu či domu. Pohlídáme kvalitu, dodržení rozpočtu a termíny. Jednoduše a kvalitně.

We will also help you with partial reconstruction of your property such as…

Based on the identified scope, you can reconstruct with us the entire flat or only some parts of it  such as:

  • sanitary unit
  • bathroom + lavatory
  • kitchen
  • floor coverings
  • electrical wiring
  • sanitary installations
  • interior or entrance door
  • furniture incl. built-in units

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Contact us and we will take care of the rest.

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